Our Wall Marker is designed to be implemented in production and logistics facilities. By giving guidance to the mobile robot and helping it to navigate through marking locations within the environment the marker optimizes industrial automation. Individual QR codes can be added to the designated area to be scanned by the mobile robot.

Your key benefits:

  • The marker can be used for the navigation of the MiR 100, 200, 500 and 1000.
  • In the left corner of each marker an area is marked by cut-out holes–these mark the position for a QR code to be placed. Through scanning this QR code the mobile robot instantly knows where in the production site it is located.
  • The markers are available in various sizes to fit into different production and logistics environments.
Wall Marker:

Wall Marker 300

Dimensions (LWH):

300 x 300 x 208 mm


RAL 7035

User Guide