The Pallet Mover PM1500 enables the mobile robots MiR500 and MiR1000 to pick up and deliver pallets – transporting them to e.g. production lines or packing stations, thereby enhancing internal logistics.
This fully automated premium solution allows heavy payload transportation of up to 1500kg to optimize internal logistics and production.

Your key benefits:

  • Heavy payload transportation of up to 1500 kg | 3306 lbs.
  • Transport of both various pallet sizes (e.g. EU pallets and as half-pallet size).
  • Integrated technology enables communication to external roller conveyors by infrared signals to e.g. indicate the readiness for a pick-up or delivery of a pallet.
  • Safe driving with a heavy load through an integrated pallet locking function. The fully automated and flexible locking function allows the fixing of various pallet sizes.
Dimensions (LWH):

1346 x 1124 x 137 mm
53″ x 44″ x 5.4″

Transport area:

1320 x 1036 mm
52″ x 41″

Handling capacity:

Up to 1500 kg | 3306 lbs

Conveyor weight:

130 kg | 287 lbs

Conveyor working height:

426 mm | 16.77”


RAL 7035

Pitch between rolls:

Siderollers: 294 mm
Middlerollers: 199 mm